It is a bright sunny day as I write this.  I am very conscious of how much sunshine is appreciated when stuck at home with no place to go.  While I don’t mind rain, or even snow, having the brightness of a clear sky with beams of light flooding my room, is welcome and needed.  Sunshine just makes us feel better.

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.
You make me happy when skies are grey.
You’ll never know, dear, how much I love you.
Please don’t take my sunshine away.

This is a such a simple song.  It speaks to what we beam into each other’s lives.  It speaks to our ability to offer something when there is little else available.  It speaks to what our individual beams of light mean, whether we know it or not.  It speaks to our value and importance; each one of us worth keeping close.  It also speaks of our need, something we share, wherever we are – we cannot live without sunshine.

We sustain each other.  Not just when in a crisis as we are now, but always.  Always.  If there is one thing to be learned by all of this, it is how very radiant we all are.  Sunshine abounds, despite grey skies.  It is possible for us to care for one another, and it is possible to receive care when we are in need.  Sometimes we are beams of sunshine, sometimes we reflect the sunshine as it lights our way, encouraging the source.  This circle is both sustaining and beautiful.  It encompasses our pain, our challenges, our joys and our rejuvenation. It continues whether we see it or not, and when we do, it allows us to carry on.

There is something quite beautiful about the way many people are trying to offer sustenance to those around them.  To friends, family members, co-workers, strangers.  I think this should be celebrated.

For those delivering groceries and other necessities.
For those cooking and baking for others.
For those planning virtual services to offer spiritual care and connection.
For those teaching children.
For those entertaining children.
For those simply keeping children safe and fed.
For those offering financial support to those with old and new needs.
For those doing home repairs and housekeeping.
For those that smile as they walk through their neighbourhoods.
For those that suggest good movies and tv shows to watch, books to read.
For those that are still singing and making music.
For those that write poetry and prayers.
For those that share their art and the art of others.
For those that work tirelessly to treat and heal the sick.
For those that are planning for our economies and futures.
For those that are governing with the best of intentions.
For those that keep our neighbourhoods and hospitals clean.
For those that care for the vulnerable despite the risks.
For those that are beginning to share their sadness and fear.
For those who are able to seek help in their need.
For those who are just doing their best.

This list could go on.

We may never be able to truly thank those that are keeping us going.  Real sunshine covers a lot of ground.  It spreads, it warms, it keeps us alive. Its many sources are not known, some are close, some are far, but it sustains us all.  This collective outpouring of whatever we have to give.  It is powerful.  It is my hope that it will not disappear when this grey sky has cleared.

Please, don’t take our sunshine away.